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Welcome to The Quincy Group where we believe that good financial decisions don’t have to be confusing.

Our business is built on the foundation of thoughtful client relationships. To help our clients Live a Richer Life, we provide simple, proven techniques that can help you make the most of your money and help achieve more of your financial goals.

The Quincy Group’s experienced team are more than just experienced retirement advisors. We are parents, neighbors, and community volunteers. We understand that the true value of wealth management is its ability to allow you more time to enjoy family, friends, hobbies and all the things that make life worth living.

At The Quincy Group, we are honored and privileged to be your retirement advisors. We also hope that one day you will consider us your friends.

Our Richer Life Planning Process

Our Richer Life Planning process is a comprehensive approach to creating your financial plan for retirement. The wonderful benefit of this approach is that it touches on all aspects of your financial needs. This allows you to make informed decisions about your money based on facts with our experienced team of professionals guiding you along the way. No matter the stage of life you are in, we take the time to thoroughly explore your needs & goals and to provide a custom-tailored plan that we continue to monitor and adjust until the end of time.

We’ll plan and help create strong and predictable income which is the foundation of a comfortable lifestyle.

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Our investment planning is based on a philosophy of controlling for volatility and eliminating unnecessary fees.

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We’ll walk you through the numerous tax planning strategies that can minimize your taxes in a legal and ethical manner.

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Asset protection planning is not one-size-fits-all. Proper planning requires understanding your goals then designing a plan. Anyone with any amount of wealth should have a plan to keep that wealth safe. The earlier you start forming your plan, the better off you are.

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Since we all will eventually pass, it is critical to have a plan to make sure that your hard-earned assets go to your loved ones and charities in the most efficient manner.

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Are you considering taking an offer or have you recently retired from a telecommunications company?

If you’re a Telecom employee facing these decisions, you know that there’s a lot at stake and understanding your options can be difficult. Like so many others who are faced with making the decisions related to your company’s downsizing (like a RIF or an EIPP), you may find your pension and retirement process overwhelming and confusing. We have been working with phone company employees for over 20 years and have invested our efforts to acquire valuable knowledge and a deep understanding of the pension and separation process. You do not have to face this decision alone!