Stay Focused on Your Retirement Goals

When working toward building and executing a successful retirement plan, it is important to stay focused on your personal goals for life in retirement. Have you ever pursued something to such an extreme level that you lost sight of the original goal?  The other day I was watching one of the pre-game sports shows where [...]

2021-12-22T00:35:49+00:00December 22nd, 2021|Retirement Planning|

3 Tips for Your Social Security Strategy

For your entire working life, FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) has been taking money out of your paycheck for Social Security, and our goal is to make sure you receive the maximum benefit. We create strategies for our clients to help them take advantage of the Social Security benefits throughout their life in retirement. Here [...]

2021-12-21T22:01:15+00:00December 21st, 2021|Social Security|

Satisfy Your Expectations for Retirement

It’s amazing how closely our expectations of something can dictate how pleased we are with it. Whether it’s a service, product, or experience, your initial level of expectation will play a big role in your overall satisfaction. So what can you do to make sure your expectations for retirement are realistic? One of the easiest [...]

2021-12-13T15:03:57+00:00December 13th, 2021|Retirement Planning|

Protect and Grow Your Retirement Assets

Your retirement assets will likely need to provide income for 30 or more years to sustain you in retirement. In order to properly protect and grow those assets, you must first know the percentage of your assets that: 1. Can grow in a good investment market. Diversification is important in regard to the amount of [...]

2021-12-06T15:23:57+00:00December 6th, 2021|Financial Planning, Investments, Stock Market|
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