3 Lifestyle Tips for Your Retirement

You’ve worked the majority of your life and deserve to have many blissful years ahead. With a proper plan and execution strategy in place, you should be on-track to accomplish all of your retirement goals and dreams. If it’s been a little while since your last retirement review, then request your complimentary, no obligation meeting. [...]

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Steer Clear of “Black Ice” in Retirement

For those of you who have had the pleasure of hitting a patch of black ice while driving, no explanation is necessary. For the rest of you, black ice is not actually black, rather a coating of transparent ice on a blacktop, or any road surface, that is not visible before encountering it. Needless to [...]

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Plan for a Safe and Rewarding Life in Retirement

After first creating your retirement plan, you must constantly review your strategies to make certain that you stay on track toward achieving a safe and rewarding life in retirement. It’s important that you educate yourself and seek assistance from a trusted financial advisor to help achieve your personal retirement goals. In the end, planning your [...]

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Tax Considerations for the Estate Planning Process

When estate planning, don’t forget to consider the tax considerations. Do not transfer assets with gains from an older generation to a younger generation without tax and step-up basis considerations.  These rules vary from state to state and can be very complex to decipher.  This is yet another reason why working with an advisor who [...]

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Will You Have Guaranteed Income Streams in Retirement?

In retirement, you have options for guaranteed income. Retirement isn’t like it used to be, and with fewer sources of guaranteed income from employers, it’s important that retirees fill these voids and have money to spend on a monthly basis.  Outside of company pensions, cash flow can be found from annuities with guaranteed lifetime cash [...]

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Uncertainties Surrounding Your Retirement: The Power of Positive, Proactive Thinking

Walk into any Barnes and Noble and you’ll see a large section dedicated to self-help books. From improving relationships to losing weight, these books have some common themes regardless of the topic. Any respectable self-help book asks the reader to partake in some form of self-reflection. It kind of makes sense that, if you want [...]

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