Coleen Hayback

Director of Marketing

Coleen Hayback spent nearly a decade as the VP of Marketing for a Financial Advisory firm while also holding her Life & Health Licenses. During that time, she worked closely with The Quincy Group with a focus on our expansion into the telecom sector. As the Creative Director of OnWord Media, Coleen serves as a consultant to TQG where she manages our social media, brand development, and marketing.

Coleen and her husband are very involved in the arts and divide their time between the Washington DC area and Cape Ann Massachusetts. When she’s not behind the lens of her camera, you’ll likely find her on an adventure with her thirteen-year-old son, combing the beach to add to their extensive sea glass collection. Travel, wine & cooking for her family & friends is also high on her list of things that make her happy.

"You can do anything you decide to do." -Amelia Earhart


Coleen Hayback is not registered with RAA.

Phone (617) 847-4800 ext 228