For Telecom Employees

Are you considering taking an offer or have you recently retired from a telecommunications company?

Like so many others who are faced with making the daunting decisions related to your company’s “RIF” or “EIPP” plans, you may find your pension and the retirement process overwhelming and confusing. We have been working with phone company employees for over 15 years and have invested our efforts to acquire valuable knowledge and a deep understanding of the pension and separation process. You do not have to face this decision alone!

One of the biggest decisions Verizon employees face is the EIPP. We have worked with many phone company employees who have struggled with the decision of whether or not to take the Enhanced Income Protection Plan (EIPP). The fact is, the EIPP is another word for a severance package. It is an offer designed to incentivize those who qualify and who are willing to retire earlier than originally expected or planned.

We know what a big decision this is both emotionally and financially. In an effort to make things clearer and ultimately make the decision easier for you, we created our own process as a way to educate and assist you toward your retirement goals. From asset allocation to 401(k) rollovers, to processing pension paperwork, The Quincy Group specializes in providing professional advice to telecommunications retirees. Our experienced team will help you determine which retirement income options are best for your specific lifestyle. 

Join our ever growing family of clients who are just like you….Let us help you Live a Richer Life today and into the future!


FEBRUARY 2021 1.98%
JANUARY 2021 1.82%
DECEMBER 2020 1.67%
NOVEMBER 2020 1.62%
OCTOBER 2020 1.57%
SEPTEMBER 2020 1.42%
AUGUST 2020 1.35%
JULY 2020 1.31%
JUNE 2020 1.49%
MAY 2020 1.38%
APRIL 2020 1.22%
MARCH 2020 1.46%
FEBRUARY 2020 1.97%
JANUARY 2020 2.22%