What You Can Expect



“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Discovery Meeting

During our first meeting, we will get to know each other. The goal is to find out what you are looking for in a firm and what kind of help you need, your current circumstances, your future goals, and what you may be doing now as you work towards those goals.

• Get Acquainted

• Questionnaire Review

• Discovery of Goals and Concerns • Personal Risk Evaluation

• Our Investment Discipline

• Collect Statements

• Assign Homework

If we feel it may be a fit for us to work together and we can help, we will schedule your next appointment.

Assesment Meeting

The Quincy Group helps clients develop appropriate and fitting retirement plans. Our recommendations are custom tailored for each client.

• Collect Homework

• Review Preliminary Plan

 Retirement Income Plan ~ Retirement Investment Plan ~ Income Solver/Tax   Clarity

• Identify Solutions and agree to address 

• Mutual commitment – Advisor Decision

At this meeting, we will present our recommendations to you with a financial plan for retirement based on everything that we learned during our discovery meeting.


Implementation Meeting 

Our office handles all facets of implementing your financial plan. 

• Meet with Client Service Manager

• Complete Investment Advisory Agreement 

• Complete New Account Documentation

• Complete Asset Transfers

As part of your 90-day plan execution, we conduct a statement review where we provide education on how to read your documents and how to access your account online. This meeting is the launching point for your regularly scheduled review meetings. Once your account has been fully funded, your money will be invested with a focus on achieving the goals identified in our discovery meeting.

Review Meeting

Planning for retirement is an ongoing process and we use our follow-up appointments to obtain current information, review what may have changed, and determine how that may affect your plans. Because circumstances change and life is fluid, there will inevitably be things that will affect your retirement plans.

• Review Monthly and Quarterly Statements

• Review Investment Confirmations

• Setup Client website acces

• Client Personal Website Review

• Deliver Final Retirement Plan Binder

• Welcome to TQG

We monitor your investments and communicate with you regularly maintaining an up-to-date plan which reflects any changes that may have an impact since our previous meeting.

Your Service Plan 

• 30 Day Review of Plan

• Make needed adjustments

• Monitor Plan

• Discuss Next Steps

• Your Service Schedule