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During our first visit, we will get to know each other. Our goal is to learn what you are looking for in a firm, understand your current circumstances, your future goals as well as what you may be doing now to work toward those goals. This time together allows us to determine how we can provide value to you and serves as a starting point to create a comprehensive financial plan that can help you ‘Live a Richer Life’.

If we feel it may be a fit for us to work together and believe that we can help, we will schedule a follow up visit.

During your second visit, we will present recommendations to you with a detailed Financial Plan for Retirement based on everything that we learned during our initial visit.

Our team works closely with each client to develop appropriate and fitting retirement plans. There are no boundaries on the time we can spend together to create your Richer Life Plan and that time will be based on your schedule & your needs. Our recommendations are custom tailored for each individual or family based on a number of factors and goals.

You can expect a follow up visit where we will take the formal steps required to set up your Financial Plan. This will include paperwork, signatures, and any other necessary information. It is a seamless process handled entirely by our team to get your ‘Richer Life’ binder established.

We will provide a statement tutorial to teach you how to read your documents as well as how to access your account online. This is the launching point for your regularly scheduled annual review visits.

Planning for retirement is an ongoing process. Because circumstances change and life is fluid, there will inevitably be things that will affect your retirement plans along the way. We use follow-up visits to review current information, obtain anything that may have changed, and determine how that may affect your plans. We monitor your investments and communicate with you regularly maintaining an up-to-date plan which reflects any changes that may have an impact since your last visit.

Over the next 12 months, you can expect us to follow up with you regarding Taxes, Protection Planning, Estate Planning, and our Advocate Program followed by your annual Income & Investment Review.