3 Helpful Tips for Preserving Your Wealth

Whether you’re approaching, transitioning into, or already in retirement, it’s crucial that you develop a plan to protect your hard-earned savings. Having a solid financial plan that you can rely on is critical. It can help give you the confidence to enjoy the things that are most important to you and can help ensure that [...]

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Will You Continue Earning Income During Retirement?

Retirement doesn’t have to be the “end all, be all” of earning a steady paycheck. In fact, retirement could be the start of doing something that you’ve always wanted to do and now, get paid for doing it. While some people continue to work because they need the income to cover rising expenses in retirement, [...]

Keep An Eye On Your Expenses and Retirement Budget

Do you know how your expenses will change in retirement? You most likely can expect things like your food budget and electrical bills to remain somewhat constant, but certain expenses surrounding transportation and leisure activities might see some drastic changes due to your newfound freedom. It can be hard to wrap your head around how [...]

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Don’t Forget About Healthcare When Planning for Retirement

We know life is busy and that you may miss (or consider skipping) doctor’s appointments on occasion. As the cost of healthcare continues to increase, it makes it extremely important for you to account for healthcare when planning for retirement. If your health slides, it can cost you financially, but this can be lessened based [...]

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3 Quick Tips to Help Get Your Savings on Track

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that we lead busy lives. Whether you’re in your final years of working or early stages of retirement, it’s important that you carve out enough time to do the things you love, with the people you love. But the important question remains: Will I [...]

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What Does Asset Protection Really Mean?

Asset protection is simply a strategy designed around keeping your assets safe from things like certain legal situations. Asset protection planning is defined as taking assets that are subject to creditors’ claims (non-exempt assets) and repositioning them as assets that are out of the reach of creditors’ claims (exempt assets). For most of pre- and [...]

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Protect and Grow Your Retirement Assets

Your retirement assets will likely need to provide income for 30 or more years to sustain you in retirement. In order to properly protect and grow those assets, you must first know the percentage of your assets that: 1. Can grow in a good investment market. Diversification is important in regard to the amount of [...]

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Investment Plans: The Before and After

Your investment mix and overall investing plan are essential components of a safe, secure, and enjoyable life in retirement. If you don’t have an investment plan and aren’t sure what to do at the moment, keeping investments in cash may be appropriate before you have a plan to execute. And, if you do have an [...]

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Do You Have Too Many Eggs In One Basket?

When selecting a financial advisor to work with, it is important that your advisor is someone that you can trust. Building and maintaining the relationship with your trusted advisor can be extremely valuable. If you currently work with an advisor, make certain they are fiduciary licensed. As a fiduciary advisor, they have an obligatory duty [...]

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Who’s Acting In Your Best Interest?

There are certain times in life when you feel really vulnerable as a consumer. These situations usually involve a specific area of expertise that the general public might only have surface-level knowledge. At some point or another you may find yourself at the mercy of a plumber, electrician, contractor, mechanic, jeweler, or anyone else with [...]

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