Remember the Financial Fundamentals for a Sturdy Retirement

Having a strategy for how to invest your money is crucial to achieving the retirement you hope for. With no external income coming in, you'll need to follow a new set of rules for managing your retirement income, expenses, and investments—not just to keep your portfolio growing—but to ensure you can live comfortably. To live [...]

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These 3 Retirement Birthdays Are Cause to Celebrate

Did you know that there are rules and regulations that can help you avoid higher taxes and penalty fees as well as help you structure your income to minimize taxes? Getting the most out of your retirement savings takes more than adjusting your portfolios. Be mindful of these 3 ages that can help you get [...]

2022-11-28T03:55:13+00:00November 28th, 2022|Financial Planning, Retirement Planning|

These 5 Risks Affect the Wealthy Retiree More Than You Thought

Having a great deal of wealth to preserve might seem straightforward. However, the number of assets and their value create unique circumstances for each investor. There are numerous wealth-preservation and investment principles applicable to everybody—for instance, establishing a tax policy, assessing a portfolio's risk exposure, and more. However, there are critical and specific concerns that [...]

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A Financial Advisor Can Be Your Knight in Shining Armor During a Recession

In Medieval times, knights were the protectors of villages, castles, and kings. They were trained for combat and developed unique fighting skills to thwart enemies. A financial advisor can do the same against risk factors that threaten your portfolio, especially in a downturn. In the same way that a trained knight defends his kingdom from [...]

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Know These 3 Mistakes or Else You’ll Strike Out on Your Taxes

You may be wondering where to begin thinking about your tax strategy so you are not excessively taxed in retirement. Avoiding these three common mistakes can help you begin thinking about what a comprehensive tax strategy might look like for you. Having Too Much Taxable Income When you approach retirement, you'll have to start thinking [...]

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Traveling in Retirement on a Budget

Reaching retirement is a lifetime achievement marking a new chapter of exploration, journey, and relaxation. That’s why so many retirees choose to travel when they enter retirement! But affording the retirement you planned for isn’t a walk in the park, especially nowadays with inflation affecting where and how we spend. This is particularly true when [...]

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Is Now the Time to Revisit Your Financial Plan?

When the market is at an all-time high, you may not be worried about running out of money in retirement. Your house may be paid off, the kids are grown up and are financially independent, and there’s always Social Security to fall back on. But what about when your retirement expectations aren’t met? While the [...]

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3 Quick Tips to Help Get Your Savings on Track

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that we lead busy lives. Whether you’re in your final years of working or early stages of retirement, it’s important that you carve out enough time to do the things you love, with the people you love. But the important question remains: Will I [...]

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Challenges You Can Plan For In Retirement

No matter where you are in your retirement journey, a financial advisor may be able to provide you with potentially valuable information and advice. A comprehensive retirement plan tailored specifically to your situation could have a major impact on your retirement: It may help you avoid common retirement pitfalls and mitigate risks. Here are 3 [...]

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