Why Can’t You Rely Solely on Social Security in Retirement?

Social Security is only designed to replace a part of a retiree’s income, and the buying power of its benefits doesn’t necessarily keep up with inflation. The services retirees tend to spend the most money on – housing and medical – have increased significantly. Moreover, inflation can erode your savings. One thing’s for sure, you [...]

Will You Continue Earning Income During Retirement?

Retirement doesn’t have to be the “end all, be all” of earning a steady paycheck. In fact, retirement could be the start of doing something that you’ve always wanted to do and now, get paid for doing it. While some people continue to work because they need the income to cover rising expenses in retirement, [...]

Will You Have Guaranteed Income Streams in Retirement?

In retirement, you have options for guaranteed income. Retirement isn’t like it used to be, and with fewer sources of guaranteed income from employers, it’s important that retirees fill these voids and have money to spend on a monthly basis.  Outside of company pensions, cash flow can be found from annuities with guaranteed lifetime cash [...]

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Take Control of Your 401(k) Rollover

Oftentimes, 401(k) plans are filled with poor investment decisions and high fees. And, depending on the company you work for, you might not have been given the proper information needed to carefully evaluate your 401(k) options. Rolling your 401(k) type balances out of your plan at age 59½ may allow you to take better control [...]

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4 Helpful Tips That Can Enhance Your Retirement

You’ve worked hard your entire working career to save enough money for retirement, but will it be enough? Did a simple mistake along the way crush your savings? Almost everyone has heard, at least once in their life, the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned” but not too many people have actually lived [...]

Win the Retirement Lottery Without Winning the Lottery

There are so many stories about entertainers, athletes, and lottery winners who have all lost their fortunes and ended up bankrupt. Each one of these people lost millions of dollars, and in many cases, enough money to last an average family for generations. When these stories come to light, people often make comments about how [...]

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