The Real Impact of Volatility

The word “volatility” is being used excessively nowadays in discussions about financial markets and the economy. “Volatility” is commonly used to describe downward trends in a market. However, that is not what volatility means! “Volatility” describes erratic price changes in stock markets or other markets over short periods of time. Differentiating Down Trends and Volatility [...]

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Don’t Let Your Emotions Control Your Finances

If you follow markets or financial news, especially in the past few years, you may feel you are on an emotional rollercoaster when your portfolio makes a big jump or declines steeply. When markets keep going up, it may start to feel like you’re leaving gains on the table by not rebalancing your portfolio to [...]

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Worried About a Bear Market? Here’s How Long It Could Last

We hear the term “bear market” and may start to panic. But bear markets don’t always last long, and one can be quite different from another. There are many factors that can influence the market, making it very hard to predict its movements. If you’re worried about a bear market, know the facts. How Long [...]

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Strategies to Help Survive Volatile Markets

A volatile market can make anyone nervous, but it can be especially nerve-wracking for retirees and soon-to-be retirees who are concerned about protecting their nest eggs for the long term. And one thing will always hold true: No one can predict the market’s ups and downs. Therefore, it’s important to create, no matter how positive [...]

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Don’t Let Your Retirement Be Held Hostage By the Market

We saw record highs in 2021, but 2022 may turn out to be an entirely different story. The market is reacting poorly to the prospect of slow economic growth and the reality of high inflation. We recently saw the NASDAQ have its worst loss since 2020. Many investors may fear a recession amidst a volatile [...]

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Protect and Grow Your Retirement Assets

Your retirement assets will likely need to provide income for 30 or more years to sustain you in retirement. In order to properly protect and grow those assets, you must first know the percentage of your assets that: 1. Can grow in a good investment market. Diversification is important in regard to the amount of [...]

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Take Stock in Your Retirement Investing Strategy

As you find yourself at, near, or in retirement, it is extremely important that you take stock or ownership in your investing strategy. In addition, you’ll want to find and work closely with a trusted financial professional to routinely review and potentially modify your investment mix. First, it is important to look at your employer’s [...]

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