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The Richer Life Planning Process

Your Retirement – Our Process

At The Quincy Group, we offer a wide range of financial planning and wealth management services focused on individuals who are in or nearing retirement age. We pride ourselves on developing thorough and straight forward retirement plans that are easy to understand. We manage every aspect of your retirement, so that you can rest a little easier, knowing that your assets are well-positioned to match your personal goals and to help provide reliable income in retirement.

Once we develop your plan, we will not stop there. Now, begins the journey. We will be there to help you analyze, implement, and monitor your plan every step of the way for the rest of your life.



Through our Richer Life Planning process, we will begin by creating a map to “the finish line”. An income plan is paramount to having the income you need, based on your future plans and financial goals.

We’ll help you understand your social security options and enhance or increase those benefits for your individual situation. If you have a pension, we will guide you through the options available and help you make the right choice. We will begin to help prepare you for other considerations and steps to take when life takes unexpected turns as part of your overall estate planning.



The transition from saving (while you are working) to spending (when you have made the decision to retire) is critical . We will provide you the education & tools you need to create steady, reliable sources of lifetime income… Because everyone strives for and deserves to have a confident, independent retirement.

We understand that choosing a financial advisor is a very personal endeavor. That is why we take great pride knowing that our business has been built almost entirely on referrals. Our clients trust us because we believe in providing financial guidance that is efficient and has no surprises.



Taxes are one of the single largest expenses we have, yet we spend so little time considering ways we can keep Uncle Sam out of our pockets. At The Quincy Group, we take an integrated approach to financial planning, one that includes tax reduction strategies, and we have the right professionals to help. Every financial move you make has tax implications, so having a comprehensive retirement plan with tax-smart investment strategies is vital. Remember, it’s not only what you make but what you keep!



It’s what you don’t see that can hurt you when it comes to protecting your assets. We will help you identify some of the things you can and should be doing now and guide you toward next steps.

Your homeowners, auto, disability, liability, long-term care and life insurance all play an important role in the success for your Richer Life Plan.



We believe the fastest way to erode away your life’s work is to not have an estate plan in place. An estate plan shelters your assets and provides for your family in the event you are no longer around to provide for them yourself. By working collaboratively with estate planning attorneys, we can help increase the amount that your loved ones will inherit, help control how the money is to be given, and reduce the taxes that are paid.

Are you ready to enjoy your retirement and live a richer life?

Thank you!